Monday, 26 November 2012

Be a softy!

Let's face it dipping your soldiers into a hard boiled egg is no fun. Who doesn't love pretending a volcano is erupting on your plate after all. But the most important reason for being a softy is lecithin. Lecithin is a wonderful nutrient found in all living cells. It is a phospholipid, so a fat essentially, but a darn good one!. You remember when eggs were public enemy number one because of the whole cholerteral thing? Well the funny thing about that is that lecithin, although a fat, actually helps prevent fats in the body from accumulating and reduces cholesteral. So it helps break down fats, but what else can it do? you ask. Well it helps brain cells develop and aids in memory retention. Did you know that your brain is comprised of about 1/3 lecithin. Seriously this stuff is in every part of you. Lecithin is also known to help with hyperactivity and depression as it forms part of a protective coating, essentially, that surrounds and insulates nerve fibers, this is also of benefit for those with insomnia. Our bodies do produce lecithin but not enough for the hard lives we live. As with most things if you have a good whole foods diet, you are probably getting enough. The humble egg being one of your sources. However if you scramble, fry or bake those yolks hard, you are losing out. Lecithin, although an incredible nutrient, can't handle the heat and you destroy all that goodness when you cook those yolks. Soft boiling or poaching are your best options.

 So line up your soldiers and be a softy.

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