Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A quick intro!

In March of this year with our daughter graduating from high school and things not looking good for our son attending high school with out some major changes being made (he's high functioning autistic), my husband and I decided to pack it all in. By the end of June our house and all our belongings had been sold, our daughter was on a plane to Europe where she is spending a year out, discovering herself and her goals for her future education and life. We traded the car for the biggest truck you can imagine, attached a fith wheel RV and set off across Canada. We are home schooling our son and living life the non traditional way!
One of the hardest things for me has been trading my beautiful kitchen, granite counters, kitchen aid and a myriad other cooking gadgets and electronics, a large fridge and freezer for my tiny one on wheels. My entire home is now the same square footage as my previous kitchen! This blog is my journal of finding my cooking groove when faced with a limited budget and even limited space.
We call our little home the Tin Can. Welcome to the Tin Can Kitchen.

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